CANADA: Ex-Muslim Woman Protests Against Sharia. Police Silence Her!

Leftists believe they’re the Avengers. Just fatter. Whinier. With protest signs instead of weapons. Minor differences. They believe they’re fighting enemies like bigotry, intolerance, and a bunch of other words that all mean the same thing. Except many of those problems are no longer problems. Instead of celebrating, the left set out to find new causes. Enter the fight for Pedophiles’ rights, and the biggest trend of the here and now… Islam.

Canadian leftists are pushing to have their mush-brained youngsters indoctrinated in the ways of the “religion of peace.” People like Sandra Solomon, who escaped an honor killing in Saudi Arabia, aren’t down with that. For obvious reasons…

First of all, this woman is desperate to get her message out: Muslims do not believe in freedom, they’ll die for Allah. They do not believe in the Canadian constitution. All true points, by the way. She’s frantic to try to get the lawmakers in Canada to understand. Desperation by the way? It’s understandable considering the gravity of her personal situation, what she fled, and what she’s witnessing in Canada as it appeases Islam. I get it.

Did the police remove her because she was disruptive? Perhaps. But notice how many of them it took to clear a small woman from the “safe space.” I’m waiting for the feminists of the Women’s March to step in and speak for her.

I’m being comical of course.

The left is so eager to capitalize on the latest social trends, they don’t bother to realize how ridiculous and dangerous said trends are. All they know is those hijabs are the hottest new accessory. By cozying up to Islam, progressives are condoning actual homophobia, sexism, and hate. All things supposedly despised in the Democrat Playbook. So much for intellectual honesty.

When people like Sandra Solomon try to warn the masses, leftists clam up and cover their ears. Worse, they try to cover yours by silencing voices like Solomon’s. Because “tolerance.” Islamists are steadily leading gullible lefties along like turban-clad Pied Pipers…

Straight to the stoning hole.