Sandra Solomon calls on feminists to join her protest at Dundas Square

Sandra Solomon, an ex-Muslim who was raised in Saudi Arabia, calls on Toronto feminists to join her on Saturday, January 21, 2017 at 2 pm in a protest for women’s rights and separation of state and religion.

Founder of a new movement “Canadians Against Islamization”, Solomon is planning to hold a weekly protest at Dundas Square to raise awareness of Torontonians of the “hate” and “misogynist” literature that has been disseminated in recent years by activists with the Islamic booth.

Speaking with CIJnews, Solomon said that feminist organizations must not stay silent when activists hand out in public space free books condoning violence against women. “I’d like to see them standing by me in defending Canada as a secular state that respects all faiths but not letting any of them infringe women’s rights,” said Solomon. “Women have a greater responsibility to defend women and girls’ rights.”

During the last year, she took part in several protests in the Greater Toronto Area against radical Islam, promotion of hate by radical Imams and religious accommodation for Muslims or any other faiths in public schools.