Sandra Solomon explains why she welcomed Trudeau with chants “jihadi traitor”

Sandra Solomon, an ex-Muslim who became a human right activist, arrived on Monday, February 27, 2017 at Mississauga City Hall to deliver a question to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who held a working meeting with Mayor Bonnie Crombie.

When Trudeau entered the hall, Solomon repeatedly chanted “Welcome jihadi traitor Justin Trudeau.” An unidentified man is heard saying “You’ve made your point. That’s enough.”

In an online 15-minute video on Facebook, Solomon said she want to take advantage of Trudeau’s visit to Mississauga to ask him the following question: “You said Islam is compatible with Western secular democracy, but here in Canada senior Canadian imams say Muslims who left Islam should be executed. I left Islam. How is this [the imams’ statements) compatible with the West?”

Upon learning that there was no time for questions she decided to protest against Trudeau’s policy and specifically his silence over statements made by Canadian imams who “preach hate” against non-Muslims, justify the execution of Muslims who left Islam, support the mujahideen and condone wife beating and child marriage.

She also slammed Minister of Women Affairs Maryam Monsef, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, Toronto Mayor John Tory, Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie, MPs Iqra Khalid and Omar Alghabra and the feminists for being silent over the supplications at Masjid Toronto mosque that called on Allah to “slay them [non-Muslims] one by one” and the distribution of Islamic literature at Dundas Square that condone wife-beating. Solomon emphasized that her fight is focused on protecting secular Canada calling for using democratic legitimate measures in order to make a change in the policy of the government.

To watch Sandra’s video click HERE.