Toronto ex-Muslim accuses Trudeau of betraying Canada, caving in to radical Islam

Few days after Canadian John Ridsdel was beheaded in the Philippines by the Islamic terrorist group Abu Sayyaf, Sandra Solomon saw upon herself an obligation to warn Canadians of the looming danger of radical Islam to their freedoms and lifestyle.

Sandra was born to a Palestinian Muslim family in Ramallah, but moved with her family to Jordan and subsequently settled in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where she grew up.

Forced into marriage to a Palestinian man at the age of 21, Sandra moved to Canada in 2004. In 2005, when her son was three years old, she returned to Saudi Arabia to divorce her husband. In 2012 she converted to Christianity.

Alongside other like-minded activists, Sandra came to Toronto’s Dundas Square equipped with a copy of the Quran in Arabic and a picture of John Ridsdel. Passionately she talked about her own life experience in Saudi Arabia and how she was taught in school to hate non-Muslims.

To substantiate her arguments about the violent message of Islam she read verses from the Quran, translated them into English and explained the historical background of the genocidal war launched by Mohammad against the Christians and Jews who used to live in the Arab Peninsula.

“Islam is about terrorism, killing, following your role model Mohammad, the pedophile, the rapist, the murderer, the killer who wiped [out] every christian and every Jew in the Arab Peninsula,” Sandra said. Where are the Christians in the Arab Peninsula? Can I build a church in Saudi Arabia? Can I wear my cross in Saudi Arabia? I can’t.”

She criticized the complacency of Canadians with regard to the beheading of a fellow Canadian by the hands of Muslim terrorists, and called on them to rise up and defend Canada from Islam. “Islam is not a religion, it is a cult, it is a political system,” she said. “I‘m ex-Muslim I used live in Saudi Arabia. I know Islam.”

Holding a picture of John Ridsdel, Sandra said: “This man was killed because of Allah, the Satan. Shame on you Canadians, Shame on Canada, Shame on Trudeau. Trudeau, he doesn’t give a damn. Trudeau is dragging the country into hell. Trudeau is traitor for Canada. Trudeau, he doesn’t even deserve to be called a Canadian. He is the Amir [أمير], He should be called Amir. He should be called a Shiekh [ألشيخ], the Shiekh Trudeau, the Amir Trudeau… Allah is Satan, and Mohammad is his messenger.”

She challenged Muslims who surrounded her to bring a Muslim scholar to debate him peacefully on issues related to Islam.

Some engaged in a peaceful debate with her and others became more and more intimidating. A young man called Sandra and other protesters “stupid”, accused them of “promoting hatred” and said that “they should be stopped.” Other man suggested a reason for her attack on Islam by saying that “nobody loved her as a kid.”

Another man blew cigarette smoke in the face of one of the protesters and later forcefully grabbed the picture of John Ridsdel from Sandra’s hand and tore it to pieces chanting in Arabic “Praise be to Allah” (ألحمد لله). The cameraman was intimidatingly asked to stop videotaping the scene and soon after he was physically attacked.

Sanda told CIJnews that the Police, who were called to intervene, advised the protesters to leave Dundas Square to avoid being attacked and return later when the situation is calm. The men who attacked the protesters were not arrested, Sanda added. The Police took only the personal information of one of the attackers and let him go.